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July, August, September 2017

EagleSong Evans Gardener - Listen to her interview ...

EagleSong is wise woman, herbalist, pilgrim-adventurer, grandmother and earth keeper. She founded RavenCroft Garden a resource center cultivating for living with earth in Monroe, WA in 1991. Recently, the spark of the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference rekindled under EagleSong's soft breathing…she tends the Sacred Spiral of the Pacific Wise Women online and through seasonal northwest events. EagleSong is a human being with 66 years practice. Most of her life, she asked herself in any given challenge or circumstance, "what would nature do?" An exploration into personal story and a template that has served her well through garden tending, child raising, fire storms, journeys to the underworld and other more common catastrophes.

Island Herbs Ryan Drum - Listen to his interview ...

Ryan Drum, PhD has a BSc in Chemical Technology and a PhD in Botany (Phycology) from Iowa State University. He studied Herbal Medicine with Ella Birzneck, founder of Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia for 12 years, and taught at their summer seminars for 35 years. He has been an adjunct faculty at Bastyr University since 1984, and he lectures at major herbal conferences and herbal schools. Dr. Drum is the author of over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, the author of Electron Microscopy of Diatom Cells 1966, Springer Verlag, a 100-Plate Atlas, in print for 20 years, and a contributing author of two chapters in Planting the Future (Gladstar and Hirsch 2001) and a chapter in Fundamentals of Naturopathic Endocrinology, M. Friedman 2005.

Clinical Sexologist Dr. Patti Britton - Listen to her interview ...

Dr. Patti Britton is a Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator and the Pioneer of Sex Coaching with top level credentials. She has a private practice in Los Angeles and via Skype globally. She is the author of a female-friendly erotic novel and an expert on /erotica from a woman's perspective. She co-hosts a dynamic weekly radio show for the boomer generation at:

Red Earth Herbal Gathering Founders - Listen to their interview ...

Astrid Grove and Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt.
Astrid Grove currently lives in the Colorado mountain town of Nederland with her husband, her two daughters, and two cats. Her passion lies in facilitating and supporting women's empowerment through midwifery, hands on healing, plant medicine and sacred ceremony. Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt practices Maya Abdominal Therapy and wise woman herbalism with Tibetan Medicine. With these tools she supports women in releasing abdominal tension and improving digestion to bring about systemic health. Since childhood Leela has been gathering in ceremony to honor the cycle of the year and the interconnectedness of all life. She is excited to be co-creating this gathering, welcoming you to hold and be held, inspire and be inspired and bring healing to yourself and the world.
Click for more info on Red Earth Herbal Gathering

Childbirth Educator Jill Wodnick - Listen to her interview ...

Jill Wodnick is national speaker on improving maternal infant health. Prior her current work at Montclair State University, Jill led a Community Doula Program in Hudson County, NJ for Medicaid enrolled womyn. She has been part of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women's Global Prenatal Initiative as well as on local and statewide programs for improving maternity care. Jill is also is a community herbalist and honors the interdepedent web of caring for our earth and caring for families. Jill teaches medical providers at grand rounds, graduate students and professionals, but learns the most from listening to womyn and the sacred ecology of giving birth and being born.

Acupuncturist Mary Elizabeth Wakefield - Listen to her interview ...

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, author of the book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014), is internationally acknowledged as a leading authority on facial acupuncture. Mary Elizabeth is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Zen Shiatsu practitioner and cranio-sacral therapist, and an opera singer. She has contributed significantly to raising awareness of facial acupuncture as a viable, holistic treatment modality. She has 30+ years of clinical professional experience as a healing practitioner, and has personally trained close to 5,000 healthcare practitioners from 5 continents.

Holistic Health Scientist Richard Sacks - Listen to his interview ...

Richard Sacks is the Host of Lost Arts Radio, which has shows relating to health and consciousness issues, from personal to worldwide to cosmic in scope. He has been an independent holistic health scientist for more than 50 years, working on natural means of reversing supposedly "incurable" diseases, many of the problems connected with "aging," as well as natural ways to maximize immunity to infectious diseases and man-made environmental toxins without poisonous drugs or potentially deadly vaccines. Until his school is physically built, he shares the knowledge from his decades of research with his private consulting clients and his radio audience. The radio show website is

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