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April, May, June 2022

Kim Anami - Listen to her interview ...

Kim Anami is here to infuse more passion into your life and bed. She is a holistic sex + relationship coach, writer and speaker. Her work is a spiritual synthesis of over three decades of Tantra, Taoism, Transpersonal psychology, philosophy and a host of quantum growth-accelerating practices she uses to propel clients into higher stratospheres of connection, intimacy, energy and creativity. Follow her globetrotting, weight-lifting and global-media-sensation vagina and adventures on Instagram with the hashtag: #things i lift with my vagina; view her sex education videos on YouTube, and listen to her top-rated Orgasmic Enlightenment podcast. Please find her online all-things-intimacy programs at

Isabeau Maxwell - Listen to her interview ...

One of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development, Isabeau Maxwell brings deep channeled knowledge and personal understanding to spirituality. She has been helping people connect to their authentic, natural, intuitive abilities for over 15 years. Isabeau is an internationally known medium, author, and teacher, who has touched the lives of people throughout the world. Isabeau is the founder of The SAGE Method, a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuitive abilities and live an authentic, blissful life. She is also the creator of the online community and app, The SAGE Circle, Discovery Meditation, and she is also the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium. Her newest project is the podcast Otherside Chats, where Isabeau is ready to share her mission: To humanize people in spirit form and remind listeners that ghosts are people too.

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