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January, February, March 2024

Theresa Reed - Listen to her interview ...

Theresa Reed (aka "The Tarot Lady") is a Tarot expert, astrologer, teacher and author who has been reading Tarot for over forty years. She is the author of The Cards You're Dealt – How to Deal WhenLife Gets Real and about a dozen other books.

Linda Conroy - Listen to her interview ...

Linda Conroy is a visionary, a bioregional/wise woman herbalist, an educator, wildcrafter, permaculturist and an advocate for women's health. She is the proprietress of Moonwise Herbs and the founder of Wild Eats: a movement to encourage people and communities to incorporate whole and wild food into their daily lives. She is passionate about women's health and has been working with women for over 30 years in a wide variety of settings. Linda is a student of nonviolent communication and she has a master's degree in Social Work as well as Law and Social Policy. Linda has been offering plant-driven, hands-on herbal programs, apprenticeships and food education for 3 decades. She has completed two herbal apprenticeship programs, one of which was with Susun Weed at the Wise Woman Center, she has studied with Isla Burgess and has a certificate in Permaculture Design. Linda is a curious woman whose primary teachers are the plants; who never cease to instill a sense of awe and amazement. Linda's mentor, and poetic friend Julene Tripp Weaver, eloquently describes Linda when she writes, "She listens to the bees, takes tips from the moon, and follows her heart."

Catherine Bastedo - Listen to her interview ...

Catherine C. Bastedo is a Reiki master who has always been fascinated by birds. Over the last fifteen years, Catherine has taught Reiki, including an intensive master program, led workshops and retreats, volunteered as a wellness coach for cancer survivors, and sat on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to women’s health. She practices yoga and meditation and writes online articles related to complementary health. Prior to this, Catherine enjoyed a fulfilling career with the Canadian government after having completed a master’s degree in Canadian Studies. She was then appointed executive director of an international nonprofit organization that promotes and supports Canadian studies.

Amanda Kemp - Listen to her interview ...

Dr. Amanda Kemp, also known as Aminata Desert Rose Plant Walker Fire Woman, graduated from Stanford University after surviving the NYC foster care system. She is the founder and producer of the Mother Tree community and the Mother Tree Network podcast, which is in the top 10% of all podcasts globally. Aminata is the Amazon best-selling author of Stop Being Afraid: 5 Steps to Transform your Conversations about Racism, a workbook for individuals who want to be more effective in racial justice. Her memoir, "Say the Wrong Thing: Stories and Strategies for Racial Justice and Authentic Community", is used in high schools and colleges throughout the U.S.

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