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Finding Your Life's Passion with Britt Bolnick

Britt Bolnick
Susun Weed interviews life coach Britt Bolnick

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Britt Bolnick became pregnant with Bella a few days after sending out a plea to the universe to be shown her path in life. At the time she was teaching incarcerated men and women in the NYC jails. The first year of parenting Bella was almost unbearable for Britt. Bella was an extremely sensitive and high-needs baby and had a lot of problems sleeping, which meant that most of the time Britt was severely sleep-deprived.

When Bella was 15 months old, Britt and Bella's father split up. The only thing Britt was sure about at that point was that she wanted to be able to structure her life to spend as much time as possible with Bella. At the beginning of that winter she began working with mothers and their babies in a maximum security prison teaching parenting and literacy, as well as mentoring the women and teaching breastfeeding to the pregnant and new mothers. It was wonderful, very challenging, and deeply rewarding work.

She went on to offer spiritual work, interpersonal work, and self-help-styled classes and mentoring to the women there. In the process of working with her own coach, Britt found a passion for the transformational power of life coaching. The impact on her own life has been so extraordinary that she was moved by an intense desire to bring the work to other women with the goal of sharing its power to create a space for heart-centered, authentic connection to self, and to nurture and spread her personal belief in living a joyful, meaningful life.

To this end, she has created In Arms Coaching. She hopes it serves you in whatever way you need it to at this moment in your life. Britt has a master's degree in education with a concentration in adult education. She has taught adults for over 10 years in a variety of settings. She completed training certifying her to be a lactation counselor, and in September '08 she was certified as a parent educator with the nationally used Nurturing Parents program. Her education in life coaching skills is ongoing in a variety of exciting ways.

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