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Traditional Astrology with
Ariana Clausen-Velez

Ariana Clausen-Velez

Susun Weed interviews traditional astrologer, ordained Reverend and High Priestess
Ariana Clausen-Velez

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Ariana Clausen-Velez is the HPs of Temple of Diana based out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and it is an established religious organization with 501 c 3 credentials.

Since 2006, she has also been an Ordained Reverend under Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Temple of Diana; based out of Massachusetts as well as in Puerto Rico under Ordo Sanctus Falcona Templum de Diana Triformis. She is a traditional astrologer and advisor.

Ariana is the founder of the Black Walnut Anthology a bi-annual publication of the occult mysteries collaborated with many Occultists and Artists around the world.

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