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Susun Weed interviews Kathy Crabbe - Soul Reader
"intuitively and creatively live your truth"

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Kathy CrabbeOriginally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Kathy currently live amongst ancient oaks in an elfin forest with her pet dog and pet husband in Southern California. She has been making stuff forever! Most of the silk paintings featured here were inspired during eight years living in the unforgettable Laguna Beach, California.

Kathy Crabbe is also a soul reader and psychic-medium.Through one-on-one psychic soul readings and online resources, Kathy helps soul-seekers uncover their gifts and talents in connection with their spirit guides, ancestors, and the planetary cycles. Her background in the arts infuses her readings and encourages her clients to intuitively and creatively live their truth.


My preferred mode of reading someone's soul-energy is via distance - this allows me to focus on you, your spirit and your guides in a focused way clear of distractions. Each reading involves preparations such as meditation and yoga to help me focus. I will often pull healing stones and a card(s) from one of my four self-designed and painted oracle card decks, but unlike a tarot reading I will not actually look at the card until after your reading is finished. The card imagery and description often serve to accentuate and emphasize certain points in your reading and along with the healing stones may also give you some more tools to work with on your own after the reading is over.

Lulu Design founded in 1993 by Kathy Crabbe, professional psychic-medium, astrologer and artist. WHO IS LULU? When Kathy was attending Graphic Design School she and her best friend Jamie Lees aka 'Scarlet' invented alter egos/inner child characters for themselves. Kathy named hers 'LuLu' to help her live a life filled with creativity, magic and joy. She began LuLu Design shortly after moving to Southern California in 1992.

"Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life!"

Kathy ~ My Story

stonesWhen I was a baby, I was adopted into a wonderful family with one other adopted sibling, a brother. I grew up in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Canada, and my favorite memories of childhood involve drawing, playing the piano, making every craft imaginable, reading, having laughing contests with my brother, playing with my red-headed best friend and spending time at the cottage, swimming and water-skiing.

As far as my psychic development, I have been working with my dreams in a dream journal since the age of thirteen. Very often my dreams will reveal the truth to me about certain situations and I rely on them for answers and guidance.
When I was in my twenties I found my birth family and now feel the circle is complete. I had always wondered where I came from and who I looked like; my curiosity was never-ending. I never really fit in anywhere, I had always been on the outside looking in and it is this detachment that, I believe allows me to successfully work psychically via distance over the internet.

It wasn't until I reached age forty in 2005 and Uranus Opposition kicked in (a major astrological turning point and awakening, so to speak) that the pressure was on to evolve, and to take things to another level spiritually. I'd always been a late bloomer and this was no different, plus I had done my spiritual homework and worked metaphysically for over twenty years with the seasons, tarot, shamanism, goddesses, art, meditation, yoga, and astrology.

When I turned forty I started working with two teachers in the fields of psychic-mediumship and crystal healing and got involved in classes and a development circle - my world changed completely. I felt as though a lifetime's worth of learning had finally come together so that I could help others help themselves - what a revelation! I now work in complete faith and trust, in service to the Divine, and in accordance with my innate talents, gifts and intuition.

"I believe that intuition and connection to the Divine is our birthright - we are here to help and to heal."
Along the way I have been involved in some incredible synchronicities, but that is a book onto itself, so remind me to tell you sometime! I have truly been blessed to live the life of my dreams, find my roots and my dear husband in the process.

I've always known and lived by the motto, 'if something isn't working, then change it.' So when I told my brother (a true skeptic) that I had become a professional psychic-medium, it didn't surprise him one bit, because, he explained, "You always have been full of unique and surprising insights." I hope that my work acts as a stepping stone to steer people in the right direction towards discovering who they really are and what they're capable of underneath all the 'shoulds' and 'coulds.' I hope to encourage you to go deeper, always deeper, to uncover the root and the truth that burns like a still, small flame at the very core of your being reassuring you that we are all truly One with the Divine.

Mission Statement
“I have been called by Spirit to live a creative life and to be of service, both through my artwork and my intuitive guidance.”

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