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Healing the Whole with Carolyn Honey Friedman

Carolyn Honey Friedman

Susun Weed interviews healer and mentor,
Carolyn Honey Friedman

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Carolyn Honey Schneider, and almost always called Honey, Honey is the mother of two fantastic beings, grandmother of a beautiful boy, taught elementary school in the USA and English as a second language in Spain and Morocco, worked as an actress in musical comedy in NYC, taught American history abroad by singing folk songs to foreign students, speak fluent Spanish and French, some Arabic, Italian, Dutch and Yiddish, love to sing, dance, play piano, guitar, ukulele and recorder, travel, experience people, cultures, foods, languages and ways of being.

Honey was a Rockland County, NY Chiropractor from 1984 to 2004. During that time, she was the president of the New York State Chiropractic Association, Rockland District, and active both on the board of directors and as President of The Rockland Business Women’s Network. She served as Vice President to Blue Horizons, which is a holistic healers network, and rode as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for The Spring Hill Ambulance Corps.

Doctors/Healers often use only a conglomeration of techniques to deal with the outer manifestations of illness; that is, with effects on the body, rather than causes. Honey believes the realm of cause is also in the invisible aspect of a person.

A whole person consists of both their inner world and their outer physical being, and also their connection to something even larger than themselves. Some might call this spirit, soul, destiny, “patterning intelligence”, the “all that is”, the “Oneness” or “life’s longing for itself”. When we work only on the body and do not address the inner thoughts, emotions and the heart of the person, we are not dealing with the whole person - we are not practicing holistic health care.

This whole healing is a lifestyle... a process that emphasizes health and harmony in body, mind and spirit. It fosters an awareness of our responsibility for our own well being. As a holistic practitioner, my goal is to help you to become independent of the need for frequent care, to help you develop your own personal healing tools, and to restore harmony through your own efforts. It's learning how and having the desire to carry out the plan. To my thinking, it requires awareness, acceptance, understanding and a willingness to change - and most importantly, the belief that all of this is possible.

Although longer a New York chiropractor, Honey continues to use touch to facilitate healing. The sense of touch is the earliest to develop in the human embryo. The skin develops from the same tissue as does the nervous system, and remains in intimate association with it through life. In addition to being the largest organ of the body, the various elements comprising the skin have an extremely large representation in the brain. Stimulation of the skin is necessary for human survival, both physically and behaviorally. We require tactile experience in order to develop and to remain healthy human beings.

Using the "laying on of hands", Reiki and the work of Bryon Katie, Honey's focus is on personal evolution, movement towards self-mastery, and spiritual principles as the foundation of healership.

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