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Healing Cancer Peacefully with
Nancy Offenhauser

Dr. Nancy Offenhauser

Susun Weed interviews Dr. Nancy Offenhauser

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In 2002, Dr. Nancy Offenhauser, a graduate of Smith College and National College of Chiropractic was running a unique, thriving chiropractic office in Dutchess County, New York. Known for spending one or more hours with each patient, her practice rapidly grew, as did the stresses of life. A practitioner who uses her hands instead of the popular mechanical tools of her trade, Dr. Offenhauser was learning to listen to her patients' bodies, and luckily, listening to her own.

In 2004, the author was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, a variety that kills more than 7,000 women a year in America. She was offered more of the same, a hysterectomy, possibly chemo, radiation, and drugs. But Nancy Offenhauser had seen the disastrous effects of these piled-on conventional treatments in other people's bodies. She had seen how bodies "treated" in this way no longer responded to her healing touch, how they stiffened, weakened, and suffered. The diagnosis of endometrial cancer led her to reevaluate her life and to learn her craft on a far deeper and more personal level.

So she said no to all of it. And said yes to her intuition, her instincts, her medical expertise, and her common sense. Dr. Offenhauser's instinct to reject the entire range of allopathic modalities is increasingly shared by today's disillusioned, frightened cancer patients, even if they cannot always find the words to explain why. Dr. Nancy Offenhauser chose an alternative treatment of cancer,a natural cancer cure that has left her cancer-free.

Healing Cancer PeacefullyShe treated herself successfully for endometrial cancer using Cayce remedies, herbs, and other natural modalities. She describes her journey in the book, Healing Cancer Peacefully. She discusses the body's need to communicate with the consciousness as expressed through cancer, the need for connection with nature and spirit, the need for nourishment on many levels, the effectiveness of castor oil packs, and her favorite healing herbs. Renowned herbalist Susun Weed describes the power of these herbs, the making of nourishing herbal infusions, and, in her lively and entertaining style, helps you get to know your plant helpers and neighbors.

In Healing Cancer Peacefully, Dr. Nancy Offenhauser takes us with unwavering honesty from her 2002 diagnosis of endometrial cancer to her 2004 cancer-free state. She leads us step by step through a wide range of natural medicines and modalities, entirely bypassing conventional allopathic medicine.

Since the recording of this interview, Dr. Nancy Offenhauser passed away unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. A memorial is being planned in her honor, and those who have memories of her are invited to share them. The details are provided below.

Celebrating the Extraordinary
Life and Work of Our Beloved
Nancy Offenhauser
(December 30, 1948--March 7, 2011)

Sunday, April 17, 2011
The Bok Gallery of TriArts Sharon Playhouse
49 Amenia Road, Sharon
2 p.m.- 5 p.m.

If you would like to share your thoughts about Nancy (briefly, please!) during the celebration, email VictoriaReap@Optonline.net.

Your written thoughts, either composed on the spot, brought with you, or emailed to Victoria, will be displayed, if you wish. If you have photos of Nancy, please email them to Victoria immediately so they can be included in a nonstop slide projection now being prepared.

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