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Blessed Are These Hands - Honoring Women in a Creative Way

Marvelle Thompson

Susun Weed interviews artist, author and teacher
Marvelle Thompson

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Creating art brings balance to Marvelle’s life. BLESSED ARE THESE HANDS represents the fulfillment of a vow she announced to a circle of women friends on an autumn equinox: she promised to capture creatively the feminine face of the Holy.

This book pays homage to women whose hands have embraced life and whose lives have battled for justice.

Marvelle Thompson has been drawing since she could first hold a pencil. She creates art from many mediums: pencil, ink, watercolor, paper, photos, gourds, beads, and fabrics. Influenced by the beauty and magic in nature’s cycles, she often uses nature’s objects in her art.

She looks for ways to show the feminine face of the Divine. Marvelle teaches adults and children alike, and vigorously advocates for including the visual and performing arts in any learning environment.

Marvelle is a born-and-bred Californian. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from California State University at San Bernardino and a Master’s Degree in education from Azusa Pacific University. In 2007, she retired after 32 years as a public school teacher.

BLESSED ARE THESE HANDS fulfills a vow to honor women in a creative way - with portraits holding something that represents their deepest values.

"This book is a beautiful tribute to the women in our lives. Buy one for your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, aunt–any woman who has brought beauty and caring to your life. I have the book and will be getting a few for the wonderful women in my life. Take a look–you will be glad you did." - Martina Newberry


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